APN: 5435-030-020

2003 NextLA Design Award
Los Angeles Chapter American Institute of Architects

Located in Atwater Village, a suburban neighborhood, this 40’x150’ single family lot typifies the parcel allocation of much of Los Angeles. Median temperatures range from 93 degrees in summer to 68 degrees in winter. In this sprawling landscape of one and two-story homes, shade is at a premium.

APN: envisions a model for suburban landscapes that addresses site specific conditions (location, physical boundaries, orientation, etc) with a built-in flexibility, providing a framework for the strategic and thoughtful arrangement of grounded and overhead elements.

The design is embedded with both fixed and provisional strategies. The fixed, or material strategy, is expressed through the physically grounded elements deployed across the property and responds to the location of the existing house, material landscape and adjacent lots. The provisional, or ephemeral strategy, reacts to climate, program and/or user. The composite of these two systems creates a specific landscape capable of responding to existing and evolving cycles of use.

orenj: Mike Jacobs/Aaron Neubert, Michael Alamo, Gabriel Leung, Sebastian Salvado.