JACOBSCHANG is an award winning architecture firm that provides architectural design, interior design, planning & building feasibility services. We are passionate about our craft and we are invested in the quality and execution of the work we design and the relationships that develop along the way.  We approach our work with the belief that the spaces we design have the power to enrich our experiences and our connection to the world around us.  As Architects, we consider the social and the environmental impact of each project in its surroundings and we prioritize the integration of sustainable building strategies and techniques into all of our work.

Our design process is collaborative and does not develop autonomously. We believe the most meaningful architectural projects arise from a productive and open dialogue with their users. Through early detailed discussions, objectives are identified and prioritized. These goals are shaped into carefully considered strategies that balance site possibilities, jurisdictional requirements, formal organization and budget.

Rather than adopting a formal style or systematic approach, we believe that each architectural project carries unique criteria and unique users: it is these factors that directly influence design. For example: siting, materiality, local context, jurisdictional limits, programmatic needs, operating costs and ultimately the financial goals of a project, all inform the architectural solution and material expression.

The contemporary architectural practice requires knowledge and experience working in unfamiliar and varied places. We are very nimble working remotely and we are comfortable connecting with local agencies, builders and trades. Our projects have been constructed in cities, suburbs and outlying locations across the United States.